Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

Blunder (13)

Not many people would call the World Championship 2010 between Anand and Topalov boring. Yesterday in game eight Anand even delivered one of the worst moves in the history of the WC and - as a bonus - he lost an endgame with uneven bishops. You can't get more for your money.

In the diagram position Anand with the black pieces blundered with 54.- Bc6?? 55.Kh6 Kg8 (with the bishop still on b5 or a4 black could have protected the pawn h7 with the bishop) 56.g4 1-0
A bit early to resign one would say, but the way to win is quiete simple as shown in the diagram below:

White plays the bishop to g7, pushes the pawn on g6 and after the exchange on g6 his king has a free path to e7 since the black king cannot follow because the square f8 is attacked by the Bg7!

Coming back to move 54. GM Shipov gives an easy line how black could have saved the draw: 54.- Ke8 55.f4 Kd7 56.g4 Bd3 57.f5 exf5 58.gxf5 h6+! 59.Kg6 Bc2 (diagram below).

If White continous Bg3, Kf6-e5, f6 Black blocks the white squares with Bg6 and possibily Ke6 and there is nothing to do for White anymore.


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