Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

Tactics (19)

This is a rather realistic study by Gurgenidze and Mitrofanov (1987). White is to move and the key question is (you guess) if one of the pawns is able to promote. Well, the answer is: yes, it is possible, but how?

Solution (diff. ●●●●●):

1.a6 Ra1

1.- Rf8 is useless. 2.a7 Ke4 (2.- Rf7+ 3.Kg6 Rxa7? 4.Bg1+ +-: 2.- Ra8 3.d7 +-) 3.d7 Rd8 4.Kg6 +-

2.Bg1+!! Rxg1


A most brilliant move; 3.a7 is only draw after 3.- Ra1 4.Kg6 Rxa7 and Black has to give the rook to prevent the promotion. 3.Kh8!! looks somehow strange but it is so good because the back rank is in this case the best square for the white king (Black cannot take one of the pawns with check nor can he pin one - which would be possible with the white king on the 7th rank).

So, after 3.- Ra1 there comes 4.d7 +-, and after 3.- Rd1 4.a7 +-

3.- Rh1+ (the last try) 4.Kg8 Rg1+ 5.Kf8 Rh1 6.d7 +-

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