Montag, 14. September 2009

Tactics (18)

Position from the game Wesely - Antosch (CSSR 1968) [1] with White to move. Keep in mind that the pure stoppage of the black a-pawn with the knight does lead to nowhere because White cannot win the black g-pawn.

Solution (diff ●●●○○): 1.Kf7! a4 2.Ng6+! Kh7 3.Ne5! a3 (3.- Kh8? 4.g6 a3 5.Kf8 and 6.Nf7# to follow) 4.g6+ Kh6 (4.- Kh8 leads to thre line mentioned before) 5.Ng4+! Kg5 6.Ne3 a2 7.Nc2 1-0 (after 7.- Kh6 White wins the g-pawn with 8.Na1)
[1] I did not find the game in the database. Quoted from the book "Tactical Chess Endings" by John Nunn.

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